Friday, 17 August 2012

Policy Network

Policy Network is a London-based centre-left international think tank. It is leading platform for long-term strategic thinking, policymaking and international best practice, influencing policy debates in the UK, Europe and internationally. Its President is former UK First Secretary of State and EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and its Chair is Roger Liddle, former Special Adviser on European matters to Tony Blair. Olaf Cramme is Director and Patrick Diamond is Senior Research Fellow.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Networked politics: agency, power, and governance

The concept of network has emerged as an intellectual centerpiece for our era. Network analysis also occupies a growing place in many of the social sciences. In international relations, however, network has too often remained a metaphor rather than a powerful theoretical perspective. In Networked Politics, a team of political scientists investigates networks in important sectors of international relations, including human rights, security agreements, terrorist and criminal groups, international inequality, and governance of the Internet. They treat networks as either structures that shape behavior or important collective actors. In their hands, familiar concepts, such as structure, power, and governance, are awarded new meaning. Book jacket.